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We helpen je op weg om een vliegende start te maken met de Spikkl adresvalidatie. Lukt het even niet, vraag om hulp en we helpen je zo snel mogelijk verder.


Request format

The Spikkl API request takes the following form:


where country is the country in which you look for a location. For now, Dutch postal codes are supported.

where format is the response format which is currently json (Javascript Object Notation) only.

where service may be either of the following values:

  • lookup the service to validate and complete the provided address details.
  • reverse the service to geocode the provided coordinate to an address.

For all requests HTTPS is recommended, especially requests holding sensitive user data, such as a user's location. HTTPS encryption makes an application more secure and more resistant. URL's must be properly encoded to be valid. As is standard in URL's, parameters are separated using the ampersand (&) character.

Required parameters

Every request should contain the key parameters. An request may require other parameters, depending on the service.

Parameter Description
key The API key. The key identifies the application for purposes of quota management.

Optional parameters

Parameter Description
tag To tag the request for statistical purposes.
filter To restrict the keys returned by the API.


By default, the names of the components are returned in the default language of the requested country. The API accepts values from the Accept-Language header to localize some components. If a name is not available in the preferred language, the API uses the closest match.

Lookup Request

The Spikkl API lookup request takes the following form:


In addition to the key parameter, the lookup requests accepts multiple parameters as search query, where postal_code is required.

Parameter Description
postal_code Always required. When the postal_code parameter is not accompanied with other components, the API may return all available street names for the provided postal code. When accompanied with other parameters, the API may return a valid address location.
street_number Required when validating an address location, not required for searching street names only.
street_number_suffix Optional as addition to the street number.

Using your API key, you can run and test the lookup request easily in Postman.

Run in Postman

Reverse Lookup Request

The Spikkl API lookup request takes the following form:


In addition to the key parameter, the reverse lookup requests accepts only two parameters, both required. All coordinates use the WGS84 reference coordinate system.

Parameter Description
longitude The longitude (x-axis) value specifying the closest address location.
latitude The latitude (y-axis) value specifying the closest address location.

Use Postman to test en run the reverse lookup request as well.

Run in Postman